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Legal Videography Services

C. L. O'Brien, Jr. & Associates, LLC produces high quality legal video products for law firms, court reporting agencies and insurance companies in Portland, Bangor, and Augusta, Maine and surrounding areas.

Our firm uses state-of-the-art professional digital video and audio technology to produce an exceptional product customized to your needs. Our Video Depositions are performed in accordance with the standards of the American Guild of Court Videographers. We are certified in the areas of Deposition Video Specialist, Court Video Specialist and Video Documentary Specialist.

Some of our featured products are:

  • Video Depositions
  • Video Synchronization (side by side video with transcript)
  • Video Settlement Brochure
  • Day-in-the-Life
  • Video Site Inspections
  • Accident Reconstruction

Why would you consider a Video Deposition?

The way someone answers a question can be just as important as the answer itself. Is the witness hostile? Is the witness sincere?

Instead of reading a transcript to a jury, a video can capture every inflection, body language, emotion and hesitancy of the witness not conveyed by a written transcript. This is why Video Depositions can be crucial to winning a case, because without it, there would be no facial expressions or body language to observe.

Take it a step further with Video Synchronization. We will edit your video to your specifications and we can synchronize your video with the transcript from the testimony to present to the jury. With this method, the jury and witness will be able to follow along with the original testimony, side by side with the Video Deposition, creating a more profound impact.

Attempting to settle a case?

Convince the opposition they cannot win the case in a court of law by introducing a Video Settlement Brochure or a Day-in-the-Life Video.

Video Settlement Brochure is a 15 to 20 minute video depicting your client's life before and after their injury. This video will illustrate current and future damages by utilizing family photos, home movies, interviews with family and expert witnesses and Day-in-the-Life Video footage. Issues of liability may be addressed thereby utilizing police reports, accident scene photos and medical reports.

Day-in-the-Life Video is a 10 to 15 minute video chronicling the day to day life of an injured plaintiff. Primarily, this video documents the plaintiffs' daily activities to capture the quality of life and how it has been altered by injury, illness and/or pain. The video can vividly demonstrate the plaintiffs' limitations, frustrations and dependencies during activities such as rising from bed, eating, bathing, transportation, work and therapy. The Day-in-the-Life Video will bring jurors up close and personal into the plaintiff's daily living environment in a way virtually impossible to communicate through a written transcript.

Site Inspection Video of accident scenes, construction disputes or insurance inspections are an important part of many cases and documenting the scene as accurately as possible can be a vital tool to verify the facts.

Accident Reconstruction Video is an exceptional way to clearly present what transpired in an accident. The Accident Reconstruction Video is a recreation of the accident and may include actual accident scene photos, police reports as well as animation accounts from experts and eyewitnesses.

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